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Choosing between two doctors

The Recovery Chronicles #4

AE Stueve
2 min readOct 26, 2020


When I was told I needed open heart surgery, I did my homework. I wanted to find the best surgeon in town to take care of me. After all, it isn’t every day someone cracks open your chest and fiddles with your heart.

So, like any good American, I went to the internet and after weeks and weeks of exhaustive research I narrowed down my selection to two men.

One was an experienced cardiac surgeon with a stellar record. He was an expert in his field. He studied at prestigious schools and was known and respected by his peers. I talked with some of his former patients who could do nothing but gush about how happy they were to have worked with him. I spoke with some of his staff who also enjoyed their time with this man. When I met with him, he came off as a kind, happy, knowledgable surgeon who had learned from past mistakes and sincerely wanted to make me better.

The other had a father who had paid his way through a prestigious medical school. After graduating, he promptly failed at his endeavors but because of some underhanded business deals in which his family lawyers used every loophole possible to make it appear as though he was successful, he appeared as though he was successful. When I met with his former patients, they were, nearly universally, disappointed in his work. His staff turn around was the highest in the history of the profession. When I met with him, he came off as an arrogant jerk with no space in his heart for empathy, no space in his mind for reason, and no space in his soul for truth.

It was a tough decision.



It was not.



AE Stueve

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