BOOKS. I write them.

Here is my suggestion

Hard time deciding what to purchase for your annual ceremonial capitalism worship fest? Well, have I got some news for you.

In addition to all of this Medium nonsense in which I opine on my lot in life, I write stories, poems, and books as well. To see a full list and links to purchase and/or read, go here. Share this link with a friend! Let them sample before they purchase (like drugs).

But seriously, if you have a reader in your life who likes to engage in works that are a bit… different than I suggest you purchase one of my books (or more) for them during this holiday shopping season. Below you will find brief explanations of my longer form written works. And hey! If any of them grab your attention, feel free to purchase for yourself. That’s always good too.

Anyway, here they are:

Link to purchase

The ABCs of Dinkology (series)

In this graphic novel/prose hybrid series of three novels, Max Dinkman, a 17 year old self-described “bad kid” in 1999 struggles with bullies, drugs, a cancer riddled father, and a pregnant little sister. Through it all, he has his faithful dog, Moses, to help him. Things only get strange when Moses starts talking.

Though there are two more parts to this story that have yet to see the light of day, the first three work together to tell a complete story… of sorts.

Link to purchase

Deicide: The Killing of One’s God

Fifteen years ago mankind figured out how to kill gods when The Great Old One awoke from his slumber and it was either kill or be killed. Today, the almost total eradication of all gods is causing changes in humanity. Many are for these changes. Others are beginning to see the terrible repercussions of a world without gods.

My most recent work and my only foray into the world of self-publishing, I am very proud of this little novella that uses action/adventure tropes to ask and answer big questions about cosmic conundrums.

Link to purchase


Billy Dodge was a zombie. He was cured. Now he lives in a “separate but equal” community of other “formers,” and is increasingly unsure if the cure was a good idea at all. As truths about the zombies and the cure are released around the globe, his semblance of a life becomes increasingly more dangerous.

I fully came into my own as a horror writer with this novel. It examines that almost played out concept of the zombie and offers a nod of respect to George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead by asking who the real monsters are.



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