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Project 365 Day #105

“Faith” by George Michael

AE Stueve
1 min readApr 15, 2023


“Faith” from the album Faith, released in 1987

George Michael is one of those perennial cool people you hear about existing but aren’t exactly sure they do. Taken from us far too early, I am certain he would still be as cool today as he was in 1987.

And “Faith” is his coolest song.

It’s very Tao.

When George Michael tells us that he has to have faith, he is also telling us that we have to have faith. Sure, the song is about relationships and how it is better to wait for something real than to simply dive into something with an unauthentic lover. But, it really can be an anthem for existence in general. It has a nice beat. It’s somehow both very, very 80s but also timeless.

That’s pretty cool.

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