Stroke. Normally I’m against it. Alabama Shakes makes it work.

Project 365 Day #112

“Always Alright” by Alabama Shakes

AE Stueve
Apr 22, 2023


“Hold On” from the album Boys & Girls, released in 2012

Brittany Howard, man, wow.

That’s basically all I have for this song. But I guess I’ll say more.

Coming out of left field in the early twenty-teens, Alabama Shakes dropped hits left and right with a consistency that still amazes me. It’s like there is something magic in their southern rock, bluesy tunes that forces you to stop and listen.

I put “Hold On” on this list first (because you’ll see them again, I’m certain), because it really does show Howard’s vocal strength and the band’s ability to emphasize it.

Give it a listen. If you like southern rock or blues or soul or roots rock or anything around those genres, you won’t be sorry.

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