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Project 365 Day #116

AE Stueve
1 min readApr 26, 2023


“Blue World” by Mac Miller

“Blue World” from the album Circles, released in 2020

I’ve told you I’m a Mac Miller Stan so it should not suprise you to see another one of his bangers here. This one has a different vibe than “The Spins” though.

The world is depressing but Miller gave us “Blue World” which, on the surface level, is a chill beat to help yourself relax. But it’s really much more.

Unlike other songs like “Blue World,” the lyrics do not turn away from the ugliness of the world. They spotlight it. By the song’s end, they remind us that we do not have to let the troubles bring us down.

In a way, this song is exactly that surface level chill beat you can listen to in order to help yourself relax.


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