Magic. This shit is magic.

Project 365 Day #158

“Swingtown” by Steve Miller Band


“Swingtown” from the album Book of Dreams, released in 1977

It’s taken far too long for Steve Miller Band to make an appearance on this list. To make up for it, I might just include every damn song on their Greatest Hits 1974–1978 album. Seriously, it is my favorite greatest hits album of all time.

And it begins with this solid psychedelic influenced prog rock masterpiece (originally on the albumBook of Dreams) that just pulls you in and does not let you go until it wants to. You can’t escape it’s infectious drum/bass riff. You can’t fight its lyrical exploration of the magical city known as Swingtown. You can’t resist.

Or maybe you can resist. But if you can, IDK if we can be friends.

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