Shrek. They’re all good. I’ll die on that hill.

Project 365 Day #222

“Royal Pain” by Eels

AE Stueve
Aug 10, 2023


“Royal Pain” from the album Shrek The Third: Motion Picture Soundtrack, released in 2007

Is this the best thing from Shrek The Third?

That was a rhetorical question. The answer is obviously yes. Though, TBH, the film is unfairly maligned. Obviously it’s no Shrek 2, but come one, it’s fun.


Eels never achieved the kind of commercial fame they deserve. It probably has something to do with their unique sound. For pop music, sometimes you can get a little too unique for the masses. I’m just happy they made it on not one but two Shrek soundtracks.

If that doesn’t count as success, I don’t know what does.

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