Grunge. The 90s.

Project 365 Day #240

“Alive” by Pearl Jam

AE Stueve
Aug 28, 2023


“Alive” from the album MTV Unplugged, released in 1990

I know I originally wrote that the songs on this list weren’t going to have any special significance to the day that they fall on. I’m sorry. I have to throw that policy out for this one. Today is the third anniversary of my open heart surgery.

Though this song isn’t about surviving that, it’s about surviving and struggling with new realities. Incidentally, my dad recently died as well. Also, only a few days ago, a dear friend died unexpectedly. So, you know, this tune hits hard in all the right ways.

And it means a lot for me today.

Hell, it means a lot for me everyday now.

The “unplugged” version just happens to be my favorite.

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