Good. Thing.

Project 365 Day #26

“Beyond” by Leon Bridges

AE Stueve
Jan 26, 2023


“Beyond” from the album Good Thing, released in 2018

In mid-2020, I was dealing with a slew of health issues. Quarantined and with the possibility of open heart surgery looming, I wasn’t doing a lot. On a whim, my wife and I decided to watch Big Little Lies.

I’m not usually a fan of shows about ridiculously rich people and their problems, you know? Unable to pay your medical bills? Your boss is a monster (literal or figurative)? Those are my types of stories.

But I enjoyed Big Little Lies.

A big part of that was the soundtrack which introduced me to Leon Bridges, whose music is both modern and classic.

“Beyond” is one of his best. You don’t just listen to it. You feel it.

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