Nope. She fully built.

Project 365 Day #34

“Back in the Day” (feat. Jay-Z) by Missy Elliott


“Back in the Day” (feat. Jay-Z) from the album Under Construction, released in 2002

Missy Elliott is an icon. We do not deserve her. She is incapable of writing a bad rap. Her beats hit hard. Her voice is like butter when it needs to be and like a knife cutting through butter when it needs to be.

“Back in the Day” captures all of this in a tight five minutes. Bouncing off of Jay-Z’s always solid rhymes, Elliott, using an old school 80s style, reminds us what it was like to be a kid, wearing BKs, fat laces, and gold chains. Maybe we didn’t all wear that, but we do all have childhood memories.

In its specificity, “Back in the Day” appeals universally.

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