Sad. So sad.

Project 365: Day #4

“Trouble With Forever” by Little Big Town

AE Stueve
1 min readJan 4, 2023


“Trouble With Forever” by Little Big Town from the album Nightfall, released in 2020

Sometimes you just need to feel sad. After my 2022, I understand that better. So, without too much fanfare or explanation, I will only say that “Trouble With Forever” is one — if not the — saddest song I’ve ever heard. Love may be a beautiful human construct (far more beautiful than that abomination time) but it is also painful and, at times, ugly.

Little Big Town, a country band that isn’t nearly as popular as it deserves to be, knows that and proves it in “Trouble With Forever” with lyrics like,

“Three hundred people heard her say I do,
But there was no one there when he said we’re through.”

Anyway, you want a good cry, check out this song.

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