Grateful Dead. Famous for good music and terrible font choices.

Project 365 Day #66

“Friend of the Devil” by Grateful Dead

AE Stueve
1 min readMar 7, 2023


“Friend of the Devil” from the album American Beauty, released in 1970

After yesterday’s song, I figured, “Why not bring in another Grateful Dead classic?”

Here it is.

This song appeals to me for all of the reasons a good song appeals to me. There is a storytelling aspect to it. There is great lyricism. There are those folksy guitars. There is Jerry Garcia’s voice.

But it’s the memories that it brings to mind that really hit hard. As I type this, in my head it’s 1995 and my sisters are riding along with me in my red Geo Metro as we burn out of a church parking lot, mocking the idea of growing up, the idea of God, and the idea of death as we go.

Sometimes it’s good to remember that teenage audacity.

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