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Project 365 Day #7

“Mercury in Retrograde” by Sturgill Simpson


“Mercury In Retrograde” from the album Sound & Fury, released in 2019

I like this song so much, I placed it on the unofficial soundtrack for my novel, Deicide: de • i • cide | [dee-uh-sied] | the killing of one’s god. What’s that? You haven’t read? Follow the link and get yourself a copy. While you’re at it, checkout the unofficial soundtrack.

Anyway, much like the last two day’s songs, today’s is one that confuses me in all of the right ways. This, of course, is appropriate because, in a nutshell, for those who practice astrology, the term “Mercury in retrograde” is used to describe a period of confusion, delay, and frustration. Sturgill Simpson, however, can make that period seem dreamy and amazing. Give it a listen.

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