Contrast. It’s weird. I like it.

Project 365 Day #77

“Panini” by Lil Nas X


“Panini” from the album 7, released in 2019

Stranger than “Old Town Road,” the one Lil Nas X song everyone knows, “Panini” isn’t about a sandwich. This silly little song is, in fact, a direct reference to a character from the classic Cartoon Network show Chowder. For me, that’s enough to make it a keeper. But I also like Lil Nas X’s unapologetic weirdness in everything he does.

It’s other words, “Panini” is easy to listen to. And every time it pops up on my playlist I am reminded of a funny little pink rabbit named after a sandwich. That’s fun. That’s weird.

I like weird stuff, especially weird stuff that sneaks into the zeitgeist like literally everything Lil Nas X does.

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