No. I still don’t like the album cover.

Project 365 Day #80

“Season of the Witch” by Donovan


“Season of the Witch” from the album Sunshine Superman, released in 1966

That’s right, another Donovan banger. Altogether, this is a solid album but, like the song “Sunshine Superman,” there is something about “Season of the Witch” that just hits different.

Again, it has that 60s psychedelic sound I love — that almost otherworldly flavor — and again the lyrics take me to a different world. These two elements work together in tandem to take me on a journey.

I like songs that can do that, especially when that journey is particularly creepy. I mean, I like this song so much, you’ll probably see a few covers pop up on this list.

Though, to be clear, Donovan’s version is the best.

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