Daydream. I feel it.

Project 365 Day #85

“Fantasy” by Mariah Carey

AE Stueve
Mar 26, 2023


“Fantasy” from the album Daydream, released in 1995

Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love” is sampled in this song. There is another on this list that samples that as well… One of these days I’m probably going to put “Genius of Love” on here. Not yet though. It isn’t time.

Picture it. It’s 1995, your boy AE is a fresh-faced 18 year old starting to realize that, despite what his friends say, it’s okay to like Mariah Carey and Nirvana at the same time.

Being a teenager is weird.

Anyway, “Fantasy” is released and I stopped fighting my fondness of Mimi.

The song explains itself, TBH.

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