Weird. Billy, what is going on here?

Project 365 Day #86

“Vienna” by Billy Joel

AE Stueve
1 min readMar 27, 2023


“Vienna” from the album The Stranger, released in 1977

Say what you will about Billy Joel, he is a master songwriter. And Joel himself has said that of all of the songs he’s written, this is one of his two favorites. I understand why.

A somewhat sad song, Joel has said it is about growing old and how the elderly are treated in the United States, compared to how they are treated in other places, places like Vienna.

It also might be about his father, who left his family when Joel was a child.

It’s a metaphor for aging. It’s a metaphor for his broken relationship with his father. It’s soft rock piano goodness.

And though it is somewhat sad, it also kind of makes me feel good when I hear it.


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