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Project 375 Day #83

“Plans for the Weekend” by Malibu Shark Attack!

AE Stueve
1 min readMar 24


“Plans for the Weekend” from the album Malibu Shark Attack, released in 2014

Tribe One, the rapper for Malibu Shark Attack!, alongside Rocky O’Reilly, created this album online, literally exchanging lyrics and beat via email. Together they made something that more people should listen to.

Tribe One is another nerdcore rapper, of which I am a fan (obvs). You know, anytime there is a song, book, poem, or post about something from nerd culture, I try to take notice. So it makes sense that I discovered Malibu Shark Attack! But what does not make sense is the fact that more of you haven’t discovered them. Tribe One is an amazing lyricist who can, at times, rap really, really fast.

“Plans for the Weekend” is the best song on an album full of bangers.

Check it out.

This band is so underground that there is no video on YouTube. :(

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